Invisible Structures

Video: Michael Pilarski Interviewed: The Life and Times of a Permaculture Wizard

Here I am interviewed (in the midst of a "National Alert" no less) by Jesse Tack on the Permaculture Institute of North America's YouTube channel in a video titled "PINA Wisdom Story: The Life and Times of a Permaculture Wizard."

Afterwards, Jesse wrote to me and said, "It was a really pleasure to get to know you and I will never forget the
Bill Mollison in a huge pickle barrel story! You also seeded quite a few ideas for me to plant within PINA."

It's about an hour and a half and starts at 9 minutes, 30 seconds into the video.

Morning Birdsong, May 29, 2018

A chorus of birdsong woke me up at dawn today, as it often does.  Such enthusiasm and beauty in their songs as they greet the new day and the sun! It struck me that they were praising the sun and thanking it. The scientific materialists say it is just a biological urge to mark their territory.  I say it is the sound of a sentient being. The sound of joyfulness for the new day. 

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