Video: More info on Sweet Annie (Artemisia annua)

Plea for Research on Artemisia annua against COVID-19

12:42. 411 views. Jun 24, 2020.

Conversation with Jean-Jacques Schul on the usefulness of Artemisia annua against malaria and its potential against COVID-19. This guy really knows the research on Artemisia annua. He is urging the governments of the world to speedily do research on Artemisia annua to verify its potential to treat Covid-19. Jean points out many ways it is very plausible that it would work as a tea and that it can’t be ruled out at this time.  I highly recommend this plant works against malaria, many other viruses, other coronaviruses, and some cancers.  As Jean says “Artemisia annua is a jewel of China’s pharmacopeia.” This plant may also be of use in future pandemics.  Keep some in your garden.  You can grow it in the cold temperate zone to the equator.

Cultivation and harvest of Artemisia annua

28:19. 2,678 views. Mar 24, 2020

Here is a great video on starting sweet annie seedlings, potting them up and growing, planting, growing and all the way to harvest.  how to make cuttings, how to grow in bags and pots., drying, and how to make the tea and dosage for malaria. Very practical info, Well done!

The two above videos complement my two Sweet Annie videos if you haven’t seem them.

Sweet Annie (Artemisia annua) for COVID-19 & Madagascar

10:03. 5,221 views. Jun 2, 2020.

Artemisia annua - Sweet Annie with Michael Pilarski

3:42. 6,638 views. Sep 13, 2018.


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