Friends of the Trees Wildcrafted Botanicals

Wildcrafting is currently one of FTS's main income sources. With nearly a decade commercially wildcrafting medicinal plants, we now offer 151 botanicals from 134 plant species including 50 Northwest natives. FTS director, Michal Pilarski does most of the wildcrafting and processing. Our botanicals are wildcrafted across northern Washington State and are sustainably wildcrafted to maintain healthy plant populations.

There are several reasons for this foray into the field of medicinal plant harvesting: 1) The sustainability and ethics of wild harvesting needs to be explored and elucidated by hands-on experience. Eventually, articles written from the experiences will contribute to a book on sustainable wildcrafting. 2) The herb collecting provides needed income. 3) I prefer to live part of my life in the forests and meadows surrounded by plants.

This, briefest of histories, will hopefully give you a better idea of what Friends of the Trees and Michael Pilarski have been up to over the years. It is also a more current update for those of you who haven't heard from me lately.

FTS has mainly focused on science and practical, hands-on, earth-healing work, but more recently we have begun doing more work with the spiritual side of trees as well.